About Us
Transformational Tarot can be applied to any given situation in our life. The wisdom of Tarot becomes accessible to anyone who approaches this
magical tool with the necessary respect and deference. I hope that these pages help the reader understand Tarot within a context that goes beyond
fortunetelling or a "game" of life. The cards that we call tarot today have a very fascinating and contradictory pedigree, but their basic roots stem
from Northern Italy. I hope that these pages will lead you to new territories of wonderment and self-discovery and, don't forget to have fun along the
way, because the most important thing we must carry within is Joy.

The disciplined study of Tarot and Metaphysics started for me in the early 1980s when I joined the
Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, VA.
What started as an intellectual curiosity, slowly and almost inadvertently became a strong source of inspiration that opened a direct way to
communicate with my higher self, validate my "hunches" and help decipher my dreams. Then in 1992, I became member of an esoteric mystery
school founded by Paul Foster Case, a former member of the Golden Dawn, called
Builders of the Adytum located in Los Angeles, CA. Cabala,
Hermetic philosophy, Astrology and Alchemy are integrated into this school using Tarot imagery, the Hebrew letters, the Tree of Life, sound and
color vibrations; meditation and rituals for physical and spiritual transformation. The images on the cards are used as meditation and invocation tools
to access ancient wisdom from another dimension, to reach our guides and teachers and achieve a numinous union with energies outside of our
everyday reality.

In my present research and work I seek to integrate the various elements that make such traditions as Alchemy, I Ching, Kabbalah, Shamanism and
Tarot important tools for personal transformation. I hope that you find some of the material here included helpful for your own personal progression.